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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Hungry? We are just 1 min walk to one of the top Tripadvisor’s reviewed Thai restaurants. Number 6 Restaurant is a family run business, serving typical Thai cuisine at a very reasonable price, hence its popularity among tourists gained over time. Typical serving here ranges from THB70-THB200.  Tip: For a more enjoyable experience with stunning views we recommend you the number 6 restaurant Uphill, this is another branch up north of Patong Beach with free transportation provided at the same price and quality.

Relax & Rejuvenate

Most travelers usually come to Thailand for three reasons: to go scuba diving, eat ALL the food, and get a massage every day. Getting a Thai massage is a must thing to do in Thailand. While in myPatong GuestHouse-Hostel we will suggest you the best places to get a massage and a very reasonable price. Be our Guest!

Get Inked!

Get Tattooed while on holidays! Sounds fancy? Let’s get it done! Few meters distance from our boutique Guesthouse-Hostel there is a reputable and highly reviewed Tattoo studio. Special discounted prices available exclusively for our valued guests.

Let’s go Scuba Dive!

The best scuba diving in Thailand is in the Andaman Sea, to the west of the kingdom where Phuket is located 😊. Get PADI certified or if you are experienced have a superb dive in Koh Dok Mai with crevices lurking, hidden caves and limestone rock face. Talk to Us while on property, we will suggest you the best Diving Centers on spot 😊

Elephant Safari Phuket

A journey to Phuket offers many enjoyable choices - to sunbathe in gentle sun light, swim in the clean turquoise water which softly touches your skin like fresh milk and of course, to meet local inhabitants. Choose this tour and make friends big but good-natured animals and find out how intelligent and friendly they are.   It is possible to combine Elephant Safari with hiking in the jungles, rafting or quad biking. There are a lot of options to choose from.

Zipline Adventure in Phuket

Zip line is an adventure like no other in Phuket. It shows that the island's beauty goes far beyond the sea, sun, and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration and outdoor activities. Let’s experience it now! *Broshure Pricing for reference only, MAJOR discounts will be applied upon reservation!

Phuket Sight Seeing Tour

Enjoy the best of Phuket in this six-hour city tour. You'll visit sites in Phuket Town, the beaches and islands. You'll stop at the amazing Big Buddha statue at the highest point on Phuket Island and get an extraordinary view of the island and surrounding seas. You'll be introduced to the Neo-Portugese architecture of Phuket town, visit the Wat Chalong temple and Prom Thep Cape as well as other sites. *Broshure Pricing for reference only, MAJOR discounts will be applied upon reservation!

Phuket Rafting Tour

Although there are no large rivers in Phuket, nearby Phang Nga province is a good place to enjoy this eco-friendly adventure sport. Most rafting trips take place on the Khlong Song Phraek stream in the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, not far from Phang Nga Town. A lot of fun if you don’t mind getting wet but pretty tame if you have been whitewater rafting on larger rivers. *Broshure Pricing for reference only, MAJOR discounts will be applied upon reservation!

Day Trip to Khao Sok  National Park

Discover authentic Thailand! Khao Sok is a unique place with virgin nature, transparent lakes full of fish, loud waterfalls and rare species of flor and fauna. Our friendly team members will give you the best tour advice and reserve a spot for you!


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